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This Website’s Mission

There’s the choice in life: One either grows or one decays. Grow or die. I think we should grow. -Robert Zubrin

Welcome to Biohack Yourself. I started this website because my hobby of self-biohacking – the art of enhancing one’s capabilities through self-experimentation – has become a big pursuit in my life. I believe that others can benefit from these techniques as well, so I feel compelled to spread this knowledge.

Why biohack? If you are like me, then at various times you have desired to be:

  • Smarter
  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • Fitter
  • Less stressed
  • More skillful at something
  • More resistant to aging

From these desires the next logical question is: “How do I make that happen?” Or better: “How do I make that happen most efficiently and effectively?” For each of the above objectives there are biohacks that are very effective for some people. In order to find out which biohacks work for you though, you need to self-experiment.

The art of biohacking can be broken down into the basic steps:

  1. Identify promising biohacks. You can search for a biohack according to your greatest aim for improvement. Alternatively, you can seek out those biohacks that have given the greatest gains to others in some capability. Sources include scientific studies, anecdotal evidence from other biohackers, and pure hypotheses based on your understanding of the world.
  2. Implement the biohack in a self-experiment. This requires some knowledge, time, energy, discipline, and sometimes money.
  3. Quantify the thing that you want to influence. Measure and track the change in it from before applying the biohack to during and/or after it’s application. Without having solid data on the outcome, you can easily fool yourself when trying to recall and subjectively evaluate the results. Fortunately, today’s technology makes self-tracking much easier to do than ever before.
  4. Analyze the results. This can be via statistics (free software can do basic analysis for you), or old-fashioned plotting and eyeballing can be OK, if the results are sufficiently obvious.

Glancing around at the state of the general population, it’s clear that most biohacking techniques have not yet spread into common practice. Nor has the self-experimental mindset that is essential to the process. This website will help to change that. Its purpose is to assist you in your own biohacking pursuits by offering knowledge, news, tools and a platform for the community to exchange information. I hope that you will actively participate by trying out some biohacks and sharing your results and knowledge with us.

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