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Biohacking 101: Quantify Your Objectives

Quantify Your Objective

You can’t manage what you don’t measure – old management adage

This is the third post in the Biohacking 101 series. The first post gives an overview of what biohacking is all about and a compendium of sources for identifying potential biohacks. The second post explains why properly-carried-out self-experiments are so important to biohacking. This third post discusses the art of quantifying the objectives of your biohack.


The objective(s)

The objective is the primary thing that you want to influence with your biohack. In the clinical science jargon, an objective is called a clinical endpoint. These days the top medical journals will only publish results from clinical trials that register their trial before it runs. 1 This includes naming and submitting their clinical endpoint (usually restricted to just one primary endpoint) in advance. These precautions help limit biased data mining of the trial results (naming the objective after the fact allows one to measure many things and pick one that happened to have changed a lot, possibly by chance). They also insure that negative trial results are in fact reported to journals. These rules are just as wise for an individual running a self-experiment to follow as they are for big scientific trials.

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Biohacking 101: Why Self-Experiment?


In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. -Galileo Galilei

This is the second post in the Biohacking 101 series. The first post gives an overview of what biohacking is all about and a compendium of sources for identifying potential biohacks. Here I will discuss the reasons for self-experimentation. In particular, I will detail how self-experimentation supplements both the results of population-average trials and the “collect data and seek out patterns” approach that is now popular in the Quantified Self movement. [click to continue…]


Biohacking 101: Sources for Biohacks

Early Biohackers

This is the first post in the Biohacking 101 series, so I’m going to give a big picture overview of what self-biohacking (I’ll usually just call it biohacking) is all about, at least from my perspective. Then I’ll give some general strategies on selecting a biohack, and a resource compendium of sources that I consult to do so.

Biohackers look for techniques to improve themselves that are high return. That is, they ideally require little investment of time, energy, & money, and produce a big increase in capabilities and/or well-being. Many seemingly ordinary activities, such as exercise, could be called biohacks. What characterizes biohacking are the end goals and consequent optimization of activities to achieve those goals. An activity is a biohack when it is carried out not primarily for its own sake, but instead to extract from it some enhancement to our raw abilities, specific skills, overall health, or well-being.

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This Website’s Mission

There’s the choice in life: One either grows or one decays. Grow or die. I think we should grow. -Robert Zubrin

Welcome to Biohack Yourself. I started this website because my hobby of self-biohacking – the art of enhancing one’s capabilities through self-experimentation – has become a big pursuit in my life. I believe that others can benefit from these techniques as well, so I feel compelled to spread this knowledge.

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