Biohacking 101

The Biohacking 101 series of posts is foundational to this site. Despite there being a lot of information out there on potential biohacks, there’s a real lack of material that teaches people how to properly perform self-experiments and analyze the results to avoid fooling oneself. The Biohacking 101 series addresses that gap by providing you with an understanding of experimental design that you need to distill knowledge from your self-experiments. If you are new to biohacking and/or experimental design, then the posts are best read in the order presented. Otherwise, pick and choose.

Sources for Biohacks

Why Self Experiment?

Quantify Your Objectives




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  • Evelyn 2013/05/06, 05:47

    Just came across the term biohack today which led me to your website. Can’t wait to read and learn as much as I can about this and start designing my own biohacks. Thank you for compiling and sharing all this info.

  • Isabella Eastwood 2013/07/02, 13:23

    Subject: Interview Proposal regarding “Biohacking”
    Dear Biohack Community,
    I write for an alternative online magazine based in Berlin called Sensa Nostra [ ]. We aim to educate our readers by offering 1st person perspectives on one topic which are then individually crafted into a prose/monologue style and illustrated.

    I am really interested in exploring your philosophy, the ideology behind biohacking and hearing about your personal experiences. I’ve been researching biohacking on the internet when I came upon your site, and I’d be really grateful if someone would talk to me about it!
    If you are interested, I would be happy to arrange a Skype/Email/Meeting at your convenience.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Isabella Eastwood

  • Kim Capri 2013/08/21, 20:01

    Knowledge should be for anyone who wishes to expand their worldviews and granted to such individuals, but sadly we live in a time where knowledge will become a precious commodity. From ancient days, the enlightened ones visited us and bestowed upon us secret knowledge only the elite possessed- my personal belief. The same thing is happening now for the exception of groups like these taking the mantle upon themselves and forging their own future, a concept frightening to some and exhilarating to others. Knowledge is powerful and how we choose to harness it can either be of detriment or of benefit. Transition is never easy for a species, including ours. We will grow into the beyond stronger or near death. Regardless, by paving the way, future generations will be recipient to these banded quests for knowledge whether good or bad. Exchanging and sharing ideas while providing safe venues to do so is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Genco Peptides 2013/11/25, 16:51

    Just wanted to say love the site Winslow, started following you on twitter too!


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