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How I Hacked a Mind-Body TMS with Meditation

Hand Pain
This story is long overdue in being told. It’s one of the most powerful biohacks I’ve ever benefited from. One reason I hadn’t shared it yet is that I wanted this blog to focus not on treating conditions, but on biohacks that the vast majority of the population could benefit from. However, I think a lot of people out there are suffering from similar ailments and could benefit from a similar treatment that I employed, so I feel compelled to share this.

The 10-Day (Goenka) Vipassana Meditation Retreat


Developing a proper meditation practice to a high degree is believed by Buddhists to allow a total escape from the cycles of craving and aversion that most of us spend a lot of time in. This is the release known variously as Nibanna, Nirvana, the Unconditioned, etc. Whether or not you believe such a pinnacle exists or is reachable (I’m skeptical), this shouldn’t deter you from harnessing the benefits of meditation practice, which have a lot of scientific research backing their positive effects.

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Avatar Milestones
The Global Future 2045 (GF2045) Congress took place June 15-16 in New York City. The brainchild of Dmitry Itskov, it brought together scientists (neuro, computer, robot), futurists, transhumanists, and spiritual leaders from around the world. The mission was to get a clearer picture of the potential future paths for co-evolution of humanity and technology and to alert us to pitfalls along the way so that we can chart a course for our own future, rather than go where the wind takes us. For me this was my major introduction to the futurist community, ideas, and concepts. In this post I’ll share with you some of the most exciting and bewildering prospects for the future evolution of humanity.

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The Vegan Self-Experiment Part II – Results

The Vegan Self-Experiment I


What did I do?

I went nearly vegan for 25 days, from April 13 through May 7th, 2013, and subsequently returned to my meat-, eggs-, and dairy-heavy omnivore diet for 25 days. [click to continue…]

Quantified Self Europe 2013

Gary Intro



I had a great past weekend at the Quantified Self Europe 2013 conference in Amsterdam (program), where I gave a talk on my reintroduction of carbohydrates from very low carb Paleo to a LeanGains carb and calorie cycled diet. There were tons of talented and interesting people to meet, and plenty of new activities and devices in the QS world. In this post, I’ll share some of the findings that I think are most pertinent to biohacking.

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